Visual Guide to NT Wright PACK - 116 pictures on the rock star theologian of our day

Visual Guide to NT Wright PACK - 116 pictures on the rock star theologian of our day

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On the lookout for a mind-blowing new perspective on the nature of God and humanity’s place in the world today? Dive into this Visual Guide to NT Wright Pack, and enter the mind of a veritable rock star of contemporary theology—N. T. Wright. 

Marlin Watling takes abstract and complex ideas and grounds them in simple terms with little illustrations and sketches. He distills a lifetime of complex theological analysis and data into easy-to-consume sketches with explanations to provide one thing: universal access to a brilliant mind.

This Visual Guide Pack contains 116 images to explain the key thoughts of NT Wright (less than 0.7 USD per picture) . This pack gives you three great benefits:

  • 116 high-quality color images to explain key concepts in unforgettable ways
  • License for use in public settings such as sermons, Bible studies, classroom settings etc
  • 50+ new and previously unpublished images to explain NT Wright


The Visual Guide Pack empowers you to share complex theological ideas in easy and stylish ways. A picture speaks more than a 1.000 words – and these images are designed to help you explain and elaborate:

  • The Kingdom of God
  • The Story of Israel
  • The significance of Jesus
  • The Role of God’s Judgement
  • The Problem of Evil
  • Eschatology – the end of times
  • The Goodness of Creation
  • The Mission of the Church


The license is valid for one individual for personal and public display. No reselling, lending or sharing allowed. No commercial print license included; not for use in social media, website, videos etc. 


The images come as a PowerPoint slides show (PowerPoint 2010) and you can edit the slide deck according to your needs. Also included is a PDF for presentation purposes. Each image is paired with some notes and quotes by NT Wright. 

For more information on NT Wright and the Visual Guide, visit my book blog at or purchase the book at Amazon


"The Lord Jesus had the amazing ability to make the complex simple... Marlin Watling does the same - to interpret the theological reflection of one of the world's greatest theologians, NT Wright. ... that is a great gift to every student of theology, Christian minister and interested lay man and woman."
- Mike Breen, Founder of 3DM Movements

"Marlin Watling captures complex ideas in cheeky drawings that are counter-intuitive and, frankly, dazzling... The result is convincing, enlightening and educational: it is impossible to read this book and not be better informed of the shape of N T Wright's thinking."
- Gerard Kelly, Director of The Bless Network and author of The Seven Stories that Shape Your Life

"A very valuable summary of N.T. Wright's books put in a very easy to understand format. I recommend this to any one as a helpful guide to a variety of important themes in scripture."
- Barry Wissler, President, HarvestNet International

"Marlin Watling provides wonderful visual echoes helping people 'see' the sometimes complex explanations of Prof. N.T. Wright. ... Marlin has provided a very good guide to Tom Wright's basic lines of thinking about the world, the Bible, and about God's ways of working out the reconciling of all things to himself." 
- David P. Seemuth, Ph.D., N.T. Wright Online

"What an amazing distillation of NT Wright's spiritual insights in a very readable format. Watling uses pictograms to help all of us, especially the rising generation, grasp these deep spiritual truths as expounded on by Wright in his many books. Use this simple and yet comprehensive primer for Bible studies, small group discussion and discipleship groups." 
- Keith Blank, Bishop in Lancaster Mennonite Conference, Lancaster, PA

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