Welcome to Spark!

Being here means you are a pioneer or a revolutionary of your own kind. Or maybe you are just curious and asking yourself the same questions as we are.

How can we live a meaningful and a sustainable life? With whom and how? What is our answer to depression, loneliness, refugee crisis and nationalism, marriage crisis and poverty in old age?

How can I be a better person and live a more fulfilling life? How can we find meaningful work and live in respectful community? Where is our heaven right here and right now?


We at Spark are living and working together to make this heaven here and now possible. We meet God every day anew in our faith communities and projects. Our faith in Jesus is the power that drives us, because he has so much to give in our every day lives and this fast paced global society.


Since 2013 we are building a network of activists, artists, pioneers and hands on transformers who have started or are busy building local initiatives of heaven here and now. We at Spark are coaching and mentoring pioneers, and we can offer you a network of like-minded visionaries in local projects, who want to connect, learn from you and who have much to share.

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